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  • Tue 20th Sep 2016 - 11:48am

    Scam: Dubai Lifestyle App Review – Things you Need to Know!

    The Dubai Lifestyle App is a Scam. We have everything to show that it is not to be trusted. If you want to discover the truth about this robot, you have to spend at least three minutes to read this review. It is another money stealing program. Before you use any system that promising to earn you thousands and even millions, read our reviews first because we are dedicating to burst such scams once we detect them.

    You can make money from the financial assets market, but you should know that there are risks involved in that. This means that you should always avoid any robot that promises you millions and thousands without corresponding hard work. Money does not come that way.

    If you watch the video of Dubai Lifestyle App system, you would discover that it is not different from other frauds we reviewed in the past. The creator is Scott Hathaway, he spoke through a voice narrator. He said that he moved to Dubai about two years with just five hundred dollars in his pocket. He said that it was while he was in Dubai that he met a member of the ruling family called Mahmood and that he supported his business idea of creating a super money making software, and that he supported him with the sum of four hundred and thirty thousand dollars. He said that it was in his appreciation that he named the software Dubai Lifestyle App.

    He said that he used the money to recruit engineers to help create the app adding that the final version of his app was released six months later. He claimed that his system could guarantee a winning rate of almost one hundred percent. This is exactly where the problem with this robot started.We are completely disappointed with Dubai Lifestyle App software because there is absolutely nothing that is enticing in this robot.

    The website was not professionally done, and you begin to wonder whether he actually received the money he claimed.The website is not worth thirty dollars and we wonder how you would be doing business with such a worthless scrap. At least the inventors should have spent one hundred dollars to produce a professional looking website.

    Why Dubai Lifestyle App is a Scam : Valid Review Points !!

    Dubai Lifestyle App Review

    There are enough reasons to show that Dubai Lifestyle is a scam. Some of the reasons were already pointed out, we are going to provide more of these reasons. We do not have doubts that you are going to be convinced at the end of the day that this is one of the worst apps that you can ever invest your money.


    Poor Designed Dubai Lifestyle App Website : Binary option market is a serious business and app creators should convince everybody that the software is profitable. The first sign is the quality of website. The website quality would help you to access the type of information you are going to get. The worst app we have reviewed is this one.

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    Fake Dubai Lifestyle App Earnings Estimate

    When you go to the Dubai Lifestyle App software content, the first thing to always check is the earning potentials of such an app. When you check through the software, it would tell you that you are going to earn huge sums of money because it can afford more than ninety eight percent success rates. If you see an app that claims that it can achieve more than ninety eight percent success rate, you should simply distance yourself from such a system. There is no system that can attain that success rate. It is not possible and the claim like this one is a clear sign that the app is a scam.

    The Dubai Lifestyle App video narrator claimed that you are going to be earning something like seven thousand dollars any day that you use it. This is simply unrealistic with an investment of two hundred and fifty dollars. This is a sign that it is a scam. The much that you can make with this type of investment is the sum of one hundred dollars or something around that figure. Anybody that promises anything outrageous is only targeting your pocket, so you should not allow yourself to be deceived.

    Who is Scott Hathaway?

    Dubai Lifestyle App

    The alleged creator of the Dubai Lifestyle App Auto trader is the man who called himself Scott Hathaway. The so called chief executive officer of the trading robot could not be traced. There is no way we can trace him because he is a fake identity. The man does not exist. If he exists, we want him to provide the proof. He does not have a social media profile and he is not even in search engines and forums. The worst is that the image he presented is a stock image. This means that the man was simply hired to do the job. He is a fraud and nobody would like to do business with somebody who does not exist. This is just the reality about this software called Dubai Lifestyle App.

    Fake Dubai Life Style App Testimonials

    Another thing that you can understand about this system, and which confirms that it is a scam is the fake testimonials. We are certain that all those who gave testimonies about this app do not know anything about the robot. What we can say is that there is nothing in this trading robot that can be trusted. The testimonials were paid actors. People were engaged from after they received five dollars to give false evidence about this robot. This is a sure sign that this app is nothing but a scam.

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    The message is very clear and that is that Dubai Lifestyle App is nothing but a scam. If you were planning to invest on this fraudulent trading robot, then you are taking a big risk because it would be a wasted investment. So beware. There is no endorsement of this trading robot anywhere. Instead of getting an endorsement, what we received about it is that people are complaining that the Dubai Lifestyle App creators have defrauded them of their hard-earned money.

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